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Recyclopaedia is presently registered as an incorporated association in Victoria, and was initially registered as an unincorporated association on the 4th of November 2019. The structure of the association, and it's rules, and it's relationship with this website are still to be finalised. At present, there are five members, and very limited financial liabilities, or organisational requirements. The development of the site and the organisation will continue pragmatically, in order to best achieve Recyclopaedia's vision. The general public are invited to participate in the development of this website, if they accept the Terms of Use.

Development Roadmap[edit]

Developing the Wiki[edit]

Creating guidelines for editors[edit]

The page How to contribute to editing is a draft document describing the basics of contributing to this Wiki. Where community members feel that this advice is lacking, they are encouraged to improve it.

Beginning to gather content for articles[edit]

Many of the other tasks will require a substantial amount of time to complete, or even begin, as they have a number of dependencies, and hard requirements. Gathering content, and in particular sources, for articles on recycling is something that can be started right away, and will contribute in the most tangible way to the eventual purpose of the project. This task is simple. If you see or come across something that may be relevant to a particular subject relating to recycling, add it to the relevant article on the page, with an optional note about what you think makes it relevant. If a relevant article does not exist, create one.

Writing core articles[edit]

In order to begin to become the sort of resource that people would defer to, structured, well written articles need to be created and published for the public. Focusing on articles that would cover common queries first would be a better use of editors time, and would also allow the editing community to begin to determine the structure of the Wiki.

Drafting user terms and conditions[edit]

Recyclopaedia's Terms of Use have been drafted, and are in effect. As they are a draft, they are likely to change in some ways before being finalised, and public comment is invited on the relevant Discussion page. The website's Privacy policy has also been drafted, and relates in many ways to the terms of use. Public comment is also invited for this document on the relevant Discussion page.

Creating page templates[edit]

Main article(s):Proposed_page_categories

Page templates and examples will be needed for each of the proposed page categories. The template should include instructions on what content should / could be included in each section of an article, as well as an infobox for quick summaries and comparisons. Basic summaries of the rules regarding sourced or unsourced material should also be defined in the templates.

Description Template Example
Material class Template:Material Class Hard Plastic
Material Template:Material Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Sub Material Template:Sub Material Expanded Polystyrene
Recycling Tool Template:Tools Precious Plastics Shredders
End Product Template:Products Coffee Fire Logs
Super Process Template:Super Process Australia's domestic recycling system
Process Template:Process Mealworms and Expanded Polystyrene
Facility - Domestic Template:Domestic Facility Recycling research at home
Facility - Collection point Template:Collection point Stonnington E-waste drop off points

Adding info headers, donation buttons etc.[edit]

The current site notice can be found here; MediaWiki:Sitenotice. A dedicated donation page, describing in detail the reasons why Recyclopaedia asks for donations should be created at some stage, once financial liabilities become more pressing.

Finalising Key Intellectual Property[edit]


The logo at present is not considered to be final art, and has not been produced in a vector format. Additional work should be done to improve the visual impact and to explore the possibility of trademarking this logo for the the organisation.

Organisation name[edit]

A number of other organisations exist and are easily discoverable online with similar names and purposes to Recyclopaedia.

Other users of similar names:

Social Media Accounts[edit]

Pages for promotion of the Wiki should be maintained. Current pages include:

Open Source Licenses[edit]

All content uploaded to Recyclopaedia by the community must be available under free licenses, as detailed in the terms and conditions [Recyclopaedia:Terms_of_Use#7._Licensing_of_Content|section on licensing]. Licensing conditions for files uploaded to Recyclopaedia need to be created so that users can select the relevant license that they provide files under. Detail on how this is implemented by MediaWiki can be found here in their documentation.

Determining the organisational structure[edit]

Defining financial liabilities[edit]

At present the only costs incurred on the founders of Recyclopaedia relate to hosting the site, testing the function of the donation system, and domain name registration. These will be detailed publicly at some point in the future.

Clearly articulating the organisation's goals / mission statement[edit]

The draft vision / mission statement is open for comment on the relevant Discussion page.

The rules of governance for the underlying organisation[edit]

At present, the rules of governance for the underlying organisation relate only to the Committee members, and their decisions about the future direction that Recyclopaedia moves in to achieve it's vision. As the Committee has not yet voted on making these rules open source, they will remain undisclosed, and any inquiries about membership, or engagement with the underlying organisation should be directed by email to info at

Approaching and recruiting motivated members[edit]

Now that much of the work has been begun, in regards to determining the structure of the site, getting it operational, defining draft terms of use, etc. work should be undertaken to recruit editors to help increase the amount of content available. Membership of the governing organisation could also be considered open for people specifically interested in the development of Recyclopaedia. Currently, Recyclopaedia is a member of Rethink Recycling.