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Recyclopaedia's Vision

Imagine you had one resource that you could go to, that would provide you with information on any topic related to recycling in as much depth as you wanted. That's the goal of Recyclopaedia.


Recyclopaedia can only achieve it's vision with your support. Our articles are written by the community, for the community. Find out how you can contribute to this growing base of information on recycling here.

You can also help support the ongoing development of Recyclopaedia with a donation.

The mission of Recyclopaedia is to empower contributors to collect, create and develop information and resources on recycling on one centralised platform; this website. This goal, to have one place where all the disparate sources of information on the topic are amalgamated, summarised and explained should improve recycling practices, connect communities and recycling organisations, and reduce duplication of research and development. This will be achieved in a manner keeping with open source projects that have come before, by providing the sites content under a free license, so that there is less barriers to efficiently utilising materials and conducting research.

The principles and platform behind Recyclopaedia are informed by Open Source projects that have come before it, such as Wikimedia Foundation's MediaWiki software, Precious Plastics and RepRap. Freedom of information, open discussion, transparency, and most importantly collaboration will drive the success of this project.

Development of this website is ongoing, and a rough description of the areas that need working on can be seen here; Recyclopaedia:Roadmap. Community assistance and comment is welcomed. If you have enquiries that are not covered by the information on this website the organisation developing Recyclopaedia can be contacted directly using this Contact Form.